Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Boy!

    Well, May 21, 2013 at 1256, Jamie and I welcomed a 6 lb 2 oz bundle of joy! Our son is precious! I know you've heard it before, but I didn't know it was possible to love someone or something so much! He is a doll! AND a good baby that hardly even cries! Today is his due date, but today he is 3 weeks old! 
     This may be a little  too detailed for a blog but i dont want to forget any of our story. So, here we go... My pregnancy was awesome. I only threw up twice and was not sick but for a stomach virus until 34 weeks and 4 days. It was a Friday and after work I had a really bad headache. I didn't think anything of it until I checked my blood pressure when I got home. It was pretty high and my ankles were pretty swollen. The next Monday, I called the doctor, had an appointment, blood pressure was pretty high, had to stay the night at the hospital and was put on bed rest! I had preeclampsia. :( Never thought I would ever have this since usually my BP is low. I did okay on bedrest except on night my BP got really high again and I spent another night in the hospital. Dr. decided I should deliver at 37 weeks, so on May 20 at 9 pm, I went to the hospital to be induced! That night it stormed and the biggest tornado recorded hit Moore, OK. Yay, I love storms, NOT!! I am terrified and here I am on floor 3 L & D! Any who, storms moved out and around midnight I started Cytotec. Horrible stuff! Then around 3am or so, my nurse came in and said I had to start Mag. Another worst nightmare! I also This made me feel horrible not to mention Pit. was started around 6 am. So, by this point I am dying and the nurse gives me Nubain! I have never had pain medicine and this made me loopy! Soon after I got an epidural! The epidural only numbed one side of my body so a couple hours later, I  couldn't take it any more and had to get another epidural! That one worked AWESOME and not much longer and I was complete and started pushing! I think we only had to push 4 times and baby boy was here!!! The Magnesium Sulfate I had for my high blood pressure made babies mag. level high. He satyed in the NICU, had an IV of 10% dextrose and was NPO. The next day his Na+ was low, so they added sodium to IV fluids and now bilirubin was high and had to start phototherapy. After 5 days in the NICU, our sweet boy was discharged home! Here is our first family picture!
I am learning a lot about being a mommy! We sleep all day, stay awake all night, eat and change diapers non stop, but I'm lovin' it! So baby boy is 3 weeks old and we have went through 5 packs of 36 count diapers, not to mention all the diapers in the NICU. In all, I'm loving every minute of my new life! Of course, if time allows, I will be adding a bazillion more pics! :) G'night!

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