Sunday, February 3, 2013

Livin and Lovin Life

   So, this post will be random., this post will be long, this post will not have picture, and this post will be all Tara! :) I have not posted since Oct 4, 2012 which, weirdly, was the day before the hubs and I found out we were expecting! Yay! Yes, that's right, I, Tara am going to be a mommy. Pretty excited about this btw. Since the last post, the hubs and I also bought a new and our first real house along with acquiring chickens. I tell you what, this past few months there have been a lot of changes in our household! Not to mention I am still working at a pediatric clinic and going to school full time (which I will be finished this Dec.). Of course my life is overwhelming and exhausting but I love everything about it. I am a firm believer that God will see me through and He only wants good for me and my family!
   The future of my blog posts will probably, starting in June :), consist of baby, baby, and more baby instead of me taking pictures all the time! But I am sure there will be a plethora of baby pics for your viewing pleasure :-)!!! I have also been thinking that I could post about baby products, the nursing/ pediatric aspects of baby (since this is my occupation), and maybe a little amateur baby photography.
   I love our new home and am excited to continue to make it our own! I am also pretty excited to decorate the nursery for baby boy! I think I am going to redo a dresser as a changing table. Maybe if I find enough spare time, I will post before and after pics. From being a working wife and student, to turning into a mommy with 12 weeks off, I, for some reason, seem to think I am going to have so much spare time. LOL I KNOW! Probably won't happen, but if for some reason I do inherit a lot of time, I'm going to be one of these blog everyday kind of girls! :) I know, you're so excited you can hardly wait, haha!
   Next, chickens, yes chickens! Mom and dad surprised Jamie with a chicken coop and chickens from Chicken Mafia for Christmas! He loves them, especially the female chic Pancake! :) It's kind of funny to think that as a young girl in high school, I said I would never marry someone or help with a garden, live in a trailer house, or can food. Haha, I have now done all three! I know irony right?! I do enjoy the canning stuff and think my Mama woulda been proud!
    My career is going good I suppose! I am a pediatric nurse at a clinic and love what I do. There is just not a bad patient. Yes, they may cry, a lot, but they are babies! Cute babies, so I love my job! And I feel like it is preparing me to be a mom! But this is not the end goal. In my mind, I feel the need to complete my current degree program (ADN to BSN) and continue on with my MSN. Yes, I am not a fan of school but I am STILL in school! Though I feel the need to continue my education, I am not one who thinks that earthly success means much! I don't want to build up treasure here on earth but build treasure in Heaven. The college I attend right now is Christian based and each week there is a refection and devotion that challenges me to think outside the box. For example, last week the discussion was over idols, greed, and contentment. I want to be content with my life, not wanting what the other folks down the road have. If you think about it, being content with the blessings God gives us is way better than envy! Of course I am human and sin but I must always remember this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! Not envious!
   Aww...this is what blogging is for! To let all 9 of your followers in to your small, happy, crazy life. Sorry for the boredom/ randomness! Love, Tara!

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