Friday, April 22, 2011

"The Tyler Davis Party"

Ok, so i am posting two blogs in two days! That's like a record for me! :) Anywho, if your not already aware, (since it's all I post) I LOVE to take pictures! It makes me happy AND I just got a new camera!!! My sweet hubby had been saving his money behind my back to buy it for me!!! :) Needless to say, he's the best!

The other day some family and friends celebrated my lil' brothers birthday! His birthday was in March but he was working out of town and we just got the chance to have the party. With that said, let me tell you a little about Tyler. He's a sweet heart deep down but tries to cover it up with his tough side. Ha! Well, for years and years we have joked with him about being "The Tyler Davis" and I mean how cool is that!? If you are a country person, I'm sure you have seen the movie 8 Seconds. It jokes around about the cowboy Lane Frost having his own personalized underwear, lunch box and even boots with his name on it! So, of course Tiff and I are always like, "I got my Tyler Davis lunch box and Tyler Davis underwear!" Haha!!! Sooo, for Tyler Davis' birthday, we got him a lunch box and underwear with his name on it!!! Tyler cracked up! It was awesome and here are a few pics of that fun day!!! Hope you enjoyed this silly story as much as we did!! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

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