Sunday, July 31, 2011

Year 2 of Many!

Jamie and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on June 6, 2011. We were able to take a little mini vacation to Mt. Magazine! We had a blast just hanging out together! We walked around, ate, swam, and just enjoyed each others company!  He and I are always on the go, so this was a nice break!!! I love Jamie more than I could have ever dreamed! It's funny how he and I are so perfect for each other!!! I am so thankful to God for giving me a truely sweet and good man!!! :)

Gulf Shores 2011

      A couple of weeks ago, I went to Gulf Shores with Tiff and Mom!! Tiff's senior cheer camp was at the beach this year!!! I had an awesome time relaxin and gettin a little tan!! We pretty much did nothing but eat sleep and idea of perfect!!! We ate a Lulu's, Doc's Seafood, The Hangout, and Tacky Jacks. Lulu is Jimmy Buffets sister, Doc's Seafood had AWESOME shrimp and crab legs, Tacky Jacks had yummy fried crawfish tails, and The Hangout's food was just ok, but had an awesome atmosphere!!  
      Although I had a wonderful time chillin', I missed my hubby sooo much! (It was my first time to go on a trip alone since we've been married!!)
      Anywho,  here are a few of my favorite pics!!

This pic is at Lulu's. Location: on the inner coastal waterway = AWESOME!

Early morning stroll down the beach! :)

Pretty T!

Best friends!

Kelsee Mae

         So, along with my grandpa getting married, I also got to see some of my favorite people!!! My aunt and one of my cousins from Mississippi came in!! So, of course, we had yet again, another photo shoot!!! Hehe!!! As you can see, I work in the ER and take pictures...the end...story of my live!!! :) Here are a few....hope all of my 8 followers like 'em!!! ;)

Carruth Wedding

         June 10, 2011 my grandpa got hitched! Of course, I begged to take the pictures and he couldn't turn me down!!! He married a sweetheart named Linda! She and my grandpa are perfect for each other!!! I am o' so happy he found her!!!! They camp together and I think she keeps him in line! ;) Here are a few pics of the fun day!!